Tuesday, August 30, 2011

days five and six

Day five was dry-out day after Hurricane Irene.  Those of us who live in this particular part of the Champlain Valley were really lucky -- we lost power for a couple of hours and rainwater came through an existing hole in the barn cupola (a hole we already knew about, so no surprises!), but it was really just a very rainy and blustery day for us.  Much of the rest of our beautiful state, however, has been devastated -- majors roads have been washed out, houses were swept away, bridges (including some old and beautiful covered bridges) have collapsed, some communities are still cut off from food and water sources, and worst of all, four people have died.  I do so worry about how the state will come through all of this – so many peoples’ livelihoods have been destroyed.

I’d like to think that a barn update will be a distraction from all of that sadness…

The only bit of flooding near us -- on the left to the north and on the right to the east (the Lemon Fair River went over its banks)
Dismantling the upstairs landing so they can redo the staircase (it's too steep right now)
We moved a wall so the kitchen's a bit bigger. 

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