Wednesday, November 9, 2011


What I'd like to do:

From Living Etc, October 2011
Would love to have that muted tone -- a little brown, a little gray, but no orange or yellow.  I fool myself into thinking that it might actually be pretty practical, especially with our light-colored dogs and their endless shedding... what do you think?

Living Etc, November 2011
This one is similar but definitely has a little more warmth.  I'd really prefer something like the first picture, but I suspect that if we can get the floors to look like this (above) we'll be lucky.

And so then I think, should we just go with a dark walnut stain?  Warm but with black undertones, instead of orange or red...

Living Etc, November 2011


ps.  I've I mentioned before how much I love Living Etc?  Hands down my favorite design magazine...


  1. I'm throwing this out there for the sake of argument (in hopes that if you have a snap strong reaction for or against, it might help you realize how you already feel). Ahem. I don't really like the walnut stain. I feel like it looks a little cheap in that photo compared to the other two pics. I also like the first pic best. Just throwing that out there. And the upstairs looks awesome, including the floors!

  2. This is exactly what I need: the tough talk!

    I totally agree with you and think of walnut stain when I'm feeling overwhelmed and it sounds like the simplest option, since we'll be doing the floors ourselves -- keep reminding me of this, please!


  3. Jennifer, then I see this and get confused all over again!

    It's like a very faded darker stain...

  4. I'm with Jennifer, we've got lino that looks just like that! I like the first pic best too, but even the more honey coloured ones on the third are nice. Are you going to stain or varnish?

  5. Oh, Kate, I have no idea -- I'm just now figuring it out! (I know, very, very late in the game)... without knowing what kind of finish it requires, I would like them to look muted and worn in, but not too, too rustic, if that makes any sense? I'm starting to think a good sanding will help turn down the contrast between the dark and light bits of the grain, and perhaps then it needs a stain and no sealant?

    Going to the floor/paint store after work to get their feedback -- wish me luck!

    ps. Did you see the link in my comment above? I think that's what I'd like most -- faded, grayish, medium colored...

  6. Ha!! The second one is some friends house in London!! I am doing his website at the moment. I love your floor and the whole amazing beautiful barn.