Friday, March 16, 2012


Some Sundays we have crafty time  -- everyone brings yummy food and we hang out and eat and make things.  On this particular Sunday we played with printing.

Susan washing up after a round of screen-printing.  Those are some of the blobs we printed -- we were making pillows based on these.

Potato printing some fabric for a gift for Susan's nephew.

Mirjam printed using feathers from her chickens!  Apparently they were not very happy about this premature plucking.

Sepi's print from contact paper and silk screens on top of the blobs we all did -- I love it -- looks like a flock of birds against the sun!
These are the things we designed this space for -- having friends over to have fun, play and be creative.  On Sundays like this I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


  1. I think you're all so lucky having your beautiful place to play in and what a fantastic project! looks SO much fun and the results are inspiring. I must try harder to set up my own little crafty circle.

  2. very nice printed fabric. i just wanted to say hello– and that i've been enjoying your renovation posts and it makes moving out of NYC very tempting!

  3. Kate, one day you'll make it over the pond -- I know you will! And then we'll all eat and make things together.

    Thank you, Lena! We were in LA for nine years before moving to Vermont and while it's an amazing, vibrant city, I completely understand the impulse to make a completely different life somewhere quiet and peaceful.

    (Your printing book was on the table that day -- you inspire all of us!)