Thursday, March 15, 2012

there's lots of catching up to do...

... and I don't know where to begin! 

We're in our barn -- have been here since late December -- and love it.  It takes us a long time to settle in fully (the walls are still pretty bare and there are living areas with big wide spaces where furniture should be), but this place has felt like home from our first night here.  As we were packing to move I realized I hadn't had a chance to really think about what we were doing;  I remembered all of those statistics about moving being as stressful as death or divorce and I know that can be true sometimes.  So I thought to myself, I better get my head around the fact that we'll be in a totally new space tonight -- be prepared for some sleepless nights and tossing and turning.  But that first night was heaven; we were exhausted from moving and finishing everything up, but also giddy as can be.  And we slept really well.

This feels like home in a way that neither of us have felt since we were little kids. It's soothing and cozy and comforting when we need it to be (we spend a lot of time around our fire) and it's expansive and inspiring when we need that, too (it's all those windows, I think).  It's a magical house and space and spot on the hill. 

Anyway, I'll start posting some shots from the past three months -- a mix of cell phone shots and camera pics.  I hope you don't mind the jumble! 

View from the kitchen to our lounge one Sunday afternoon.  Big fire, dogs and Irish soda bread.
The kitchen from the lounge one morning.  That's the side of the 1700's barn you can see through the kitchen windows.  Off to the far left is the doorway to the bathroom.

Looking north one morning (with Enzo).  Still need to put in our dining table light.  Off to the right is Bobo's desk area.  We need lots of rugs :)

The full moon setting over the Adirondack mountains one morning.  It was amazing and of course a photo doesn't capture it's size and beauty!  (If you look closely you can see some snow on the Adirondacks -- we had almost no snow this winter, which is really, really unusual.  We missed it!


  1. wow! beautiful. y'all did a wonderful job. congratulations!

    - james

  2. Oh my goodness, that picture of the moon rising is to die for! That view is so incredible. I hope you update again with more pics soon!

  3. oh anna, you've got some magic light there through your long row of windows. your place looks incredibly wonderful and inviting, if only i could join you for a crafty sunday. so glad it feels like home. much love from afar, t (xo)

  4. Thanks, guys!

    Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinaaaaaaaaa come and stay! With your Mum! We could pretend it's halfway between Germany and Aotearoa!


  5. Anna, this place is just perfect! I could look at that view forever.