Wednesday, October 26, 2011

catch up, part one!

There's so much catching up to do!  Since last I wrote the drywalling has been finished up and almost all of the seams have been taped, mudded and sanded.  The upstairs windows are in and the outside frames have been installed on all of them -- now they're ready for us to paint them next summer, which will be one of our first warm weather jobs.  (The pics below are a mix from before and after the taping)

Here's the northern view now, with the drywall in and taped -- the frames leaning up against the wall on the right are for the outside of the windows.  I wish the views showed up in the photos, but I'll get those once we're moved in and watching the snow fall through the glass.

Here's the kitchen area, facing west.  The cabinets (the peninsulas that will be right in front of this photo) are being built right now and will be done in the next two weeks (!).

Pardon the wonky composites and weird color tones :)
To the east -- we're still trying to figure out the right shade of white:  one that's warm enough to counter the coolness of our northern and eastern light.  A friend recommended a white with pinkish undertones and I have a sample pot in the car that I'll put up in the next few days.

Our living space facing south from the kitchen.  The pantry is right in front of us, with the drywall stacked in front of it.  The corridor to the right leads to the bedroom.

Here's the bedroom right now, with the corridor out to the kitchen on the left -- the windows face west to the courtyard.  We have the first bit of door hardware up (it will be a sliding barn door) and the closet is straight ahead.  Our bed will face the windows so we can look up out at the night sky.

More pics tomorrow, I promise :).  I miss you guys -- love to all xoxo