Saturday, October 29, 2011

so about that spare room...

... it's amazing what those guys can do in a couple of days.

The wall from the game room in to the spare room has been taken down and a new one has been framed in -- this time in between two of the windows, instead of through the middle of one :)  Do you see that light behind Ben (the guy in the plaid shirt)?  It's one of the barn doors -- you can see it here (the one on the left).

Here's the view from the other direction -- looking in to the game room (and off to the west) on the left and into the barn on the right.  When I took this photo Bobo, Tai, Sean and Ben were talking about how to frame out that wall on the right so that we can still see the beams.

More tomorrow -- we spent the day tearing down the wood shed and are exhausted!

Love to all xoxo.


  1. Hi Anna and Bobby: the Barn is looking totally awesome. It looks completely different with the dry wall. When does your kitchen arrive? Love from Enzo in Pismo! xoxox

  2. WOW Soooooooooo exciting!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo