Monday, October 10, 2011

platforms, windows, dogs

Friday:  in process.  We bugged the guys during their lunch hour so we could get a peek of the barn before heading up to Burlington for some appointments.  The french doors were roughed in and the platform extension was done!

I took this photo standing in the hall that leads from our bedroom (off to my right) into (what will be) the kitchen.  I'm facing north east.  That big opening on the right (partially obscured by leaning drywall) is the entry to the pantry, where the fridge will be.

Poor Luther was just trying to drink his iced tea but I had to take pics!  You can see the eastern windows on the left and one of the southern windows in the middle.  I took this photo from (what will be) the other side of the kitchen, behind and to the right of me.

I do worry about the lack of southern light.  The original plan called for a big, polycarbonate window on that southern wall, where the barn doors are still evident from the outside.  We couldn't figure all of that out in time (would it be too hot in the summer?  Would the polycarb shatter if a snow plow threw up rocks?), plus we ran out of money and also had concerns about privacy, since the road is right there.  But I suspect that's something we'll save up and figure out how to do in the future.  In the meantime, a couch will be right under the visible southern window and the upstairs studio and spare room will have tons of southern light -- so there will still be spots for me to take sunny winter afternoon naps :)

And there will certainly be enough northern light!  Have a look:

The dogs checked out the new platform...

... and kept me company while I painted paint swatches on Saturday afternoon and then checked them on Sunday morning.  The wider Sunday shot (on the right) shows more of the western view from the main lounge-y area;  you can see the side of the 1700's barn through those western windows, which extend to the left and into our bedroom, behind the pantry wall.  The kitchen peninsulas will come out on either side of the pantry opening, which is behind those leaning sheets of drywall.  The far (western) peninsula will have the sink, dishwasher and range, while the closer (eastern) peninsula will be plain counter space on top, with cabinets on the kitchen side and stools on the lounge-y side.  No uppers, just a couple of open shelves.

I'll sketch up a rough idea of the floor plan so all of this makes more sense -- we've changed a lot of things since our initial design. Until then, xoxo.

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  1. You're right: looking on a bigger screen shows sooooooooo much more. GREAT views and the height of the northern windows looks perfect!!!!! :):):) xoxoxoxoxoxox