Thursday, October 27, 2011

catching up, part two

I'm afraid that all of the photos look the same at this point -- lots and lots of drywall and windows -- but I promised I'd do some catch-up and show you all what's going on, so please forgive the repetitive shots!
As I said yesterday, the new windows are in upstairs.  There's another one along that southern wall there, as well as one on the western wall that looks down to the courtyard with all of its weeds (what?  It's a barn!) and then the Adirondacks beyond.  I promise to get a shot of that this weekend, when we're there demo-ing the wood shed. 

So, most of the wall to the left there will be gone very soon and in its place will be an entry in to the spare room, which the guys were going to start on today. 
Here it is:  the future spare room, with the wall to the existing room on the right.  We have no idea why the previous owner decided to build a wall in the middle of that window, but soon it will be fixed!

These photos do give you a sense of what the top of the barn is like -- I have very few pics because it's often too dark for anything to show up, but it's beautiful up there.  One day soon I'll open all the big barn doors to let in the light and will snap away :)
Do you see the nest up there, under the hayloft door?  That will stay.


  1. be careful when you open barn doors: you may be visited by live critters who want to stay! :) xoxoxo

  2. Ha! I think it's inevitable in this place! :) :)