Thursday, September 8, 2011

art spaces

Plans for next summer:  Susan and I are talking about turning the 1700s barn into an open air studio.  There's already electricity, so we can switch on some lamps when those thunderstorms blow in from the west and it's too dark to see anything.  We'll also pull in a hose and put it in an old sink that we have rattling around somewhere here... I think this can happen!  Now we just need to do some major cleaning and set up enough table space to print fabric, as well as paper things.  I'm going to start searching for an old letterpress that we can get working (I'm looking at you, Susan -- you're the mechanical one!).  You never know what we might find if we set our minds to it...

Chokladbollar lovelies, this will be our space if we decide to have a mini art camp next summer!

Oh, and most important of all:  I'll stock up on all-natural mosquito repellant because, well, Vermont does get a bit buggy in the summer.

Mirjam showing us the 1700s barn for the first time
One end of the barn and the other (and Curt and Jennifer!)
A boy and his barn


  1. I'm hyperventilating! ITS AMAZING!

  2. count on me dear anna! I will plan my next vacation for this! xxx

  3. anna! i LOVE this blog. it's already looking so amazing. can't wait to visit in person.

  4. I might have to set my mom up with a blogspot/ google account just so she can comment here. She got so excited when I told her about the barn over the phone that I had to send her the link. Miss you guys xo