Tuesday, September 20, 2011

because i'm fickle

I'm back to the white kitchen, I think.  Something simple -- probably the IKEA Abstrakt, although our builder may do something similar for us -- which I'm thinking will show less dirt because the cabinet faces will be so plain, without the grooves or beveled edges where dust (and coffee grounds and dog fur!) can gather.

This is something like our future cabinets -- lacquered and simple -- although the configuration will be very different.  We'll have two peninsulas: one facing the western windows that will hold the stove, dishwasher and range;  the other facing the eastern windows and the lounge-y area (with wood stove and seating) that we'll set up there.  The eastern peninsula won't have anything on it, so it's where we'll do our prep and there will be stools on the other side, so when one of us is cooking the other can hang out.  I figure it will be a good place to read the paper while eating a late night bowl of cereal...

This is too stark and fancy for us, but the island will be similar
The floors will probably be wide pine planks like the rest of the house, which we'll treat with a paint wash so they don't turn orange or yellow -- I'm thinking a light gray, perhaps, although we'll have to see what works when we start experimenting in the coming weeks!  If anyone has any ideas or tips about that, please send them on!

When we changed the configuration of the kitchen (it originally faced north, rather than east and west) we lost the wall where we had planned to hang an open, wooden shelf, which I think would have added some warmth and lived-in-ness to all of that glossy white.  I'm still trying to think of ways to bring it back -- colorful art and wooden counter stools?  Would love any input you all might have.

Even the knockoffs of these are too expensive for us, but they would be lovely!

So, how do we keep this space feeling calm and peaceful, but also warm and  inviting?


  1. I have a picture of that same kitchen as it's what I would pick out for my own house. Love it. I also covet the tractor stool - and what could be more perfect for a barn in VT - but I gasped when I saw the price tag. Beautiful work you're doing ! xoxo Dana

  2. Thank you, Dana! Can't wait to be done so we can have you two over!

    Rest up and get well soon!