Saturday, September 17, 2011


After a hectic first week of classes there's finally time to post a few photos...

Upstairs, facing south.  This will be Bobo's studio space and game room.  We're going to open it up on the left and add a spare room (there's a little bathroom behind me).  New, insulated windows are going in as well.  We'll do a wash for the paint so the wood shows through.

The sub floor on the platform is done!  This is a view of the bathroom on the left, the doorway into the bathroom in the middle and the bedroom on the right.  Next up:  dry-wall...

Nice and tidy -- Tom the plumber does such a great job!

On the left, one of the old windows just waiting to come out -- this one is western-facing with a view of the 1700s barn.  On the right, what was once an outer door in the living room area is now being covered up so it will be a little more cozy.  Can't wait to move in!

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