Monday, September 19, 2011

drywalling the ceiling

Now this makes it feel like it's going to be a home...

Dry-walling of the ceiling has begun!  Here's a view of the kitchen on the northwestern corner of the barn.  Two peninsulas will come off of the framed wall on the left and extend to the northern edge of the platform, so there'll be lots of room for cooking and hanging out.  I took this photo from what will be the lounge-y area, where we"ll have a wood stove (just to the right of this photo, between what will be two north-facing windows), and seating perfect for reading, napping and looking out at the view.

Speaking of the view, the windows arrived today and installation starts tomorrow -- we can't wait to see them in!

On the left:  Bobo ponders the infinite... ceiling.  On the right, the stairs are starting to be framed off (and a view of the wall innards from my studio).

Tidy, tidy workspace!