Tuesday, September 6, 2011

day ten

Quick trip to the barn at lunchtime -- we had to figure out a lighting issue (there wasn't enough room in the ceilings for the recessed lights we'd planned on, so we're going to lower the ceiling by 4 inches, which will be fine) and saw some major progress going on.

Left:  new stairs at a slightly less steep angle -- you can see the outline of the old ones.

Middle:  The ceiling's being removed in parts so the recessed lighting can go in -- the ceilings on the platform will still be 8 feet, so we're good.  They'll be 9 feet in the open space.

Right: in the foreground, some of those recessed lights.  In the background, on the ladder:  filling in the cavernous car-lift area -- wooo hooo!  So glad to see that thing go :)

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