Friday, September 23, 2011


Quick stop at the barn at lunchtime, with only a cell phone in hand.  Will get a chance to take real photos this weekend, but wanted to show you how the (new! big!) windows look...

Pardon the composite shot -- will get a less wonky one tomorrow :)

Although we came up against some resistance in the planning stages, we're really glad we lengthened the windows;  now we can actually see the beautiful views!  And the barn does look less barn-y, it's true, but it still looks appropriately old-timey, I think.  Like a schoolhouse, perhaps.

The living room area from my studio -- it's amazing how much light an extra 18 inches of window provide!  The fog had just burnt off when we were there, so it was still a little gray.

Eastern-facing windows in what will be the dining area...

Brandon and Tai were just starting on the west side when we got there -- these windows are in the soon-to-be bedroom.  We'll look out at the courtyard area and the side of the 1700s barn.  I love this view.


  1. i LOVE the windows!!!!!!!!! :):):) xoxoxo

  2. roberto just sent me the link! i am so looking forward to following the barn chronicles. love what you're doing and your sense of design. (doesn't this qualify you two for some type of HGTV reality show???!!!)

    miss you, dean anna. but look forward to keeping up with you here. xxooj

  3. Jane! Jane! Dearest Jane! Wish you were here to see it in person - we miss you so! Love to you xoxo